Travel Fearlessly in India

Travel Fearlessly in India

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From the preface:

“Travel Fearlessly in India, What Every Woman Should Know About Personal Safety is a remarkably comprehensive, sensible, and astute book that’s packed full of perceptive information, tips and strategies. It covers everything from the mindsets of Indian men and how they conduct themselves to what you need to do if you have to go to the police. It’s a book every female should read, and reread, before traveling to India.”

Sharell Cook

India Travel Expert,

Author, Henna for the Broken Hearted

This book explains the cultural factors relating to women’s safety and gives many practical tips for minimizing and deflecting sexual harassment, along with strategies for dealing with potential problems. You’ll find uncommon insights into how visitors can live and travel safely in India, based on many years experience as well as extensive research. Ms. Viharini shows you how to acquire the necessary skills, understanding and confidence to feel safe in India. She explains how to present yourself in a way that makes you safer and how to avoid problems—and what to do if they arise anyway. understanding the cultural issues, which differ significantly from other cultures, and learning how to avoid problems. Many of these key cultural issues are at best dealt with superficially in other books.

In this book, you’ll find comprehensive information on:

• unique cultural factors relating to women’s safety

• how to have safe interactions with Indian men

• understand the Indian perspective on non-Indian women

• how to minimize harassment and deflect problems

• how to crowdsource help in case of problems

• finding safe places to stay

• traveling safely

• and much more . . .

Knowledge is power—and this is knowledge you can’t afford to be without if you are a woman traveling in India. Empower yourself to feel safe in India—whether you are on your own or with a group.


Travel Fearlessly in India by J D Viharini is a book that every woman traveling to India should read. J D Viharini, an American woman, shares some simple tips on how women can feel and be safe based on her 15 years of traveling and living in India. I am so glad I read it and plan to read it again, as a refresher, before embarking on my next trip. Much of the advice in the book would be valuable to women traveling in any foreign country, including Europe. It’s a great investment in one’s peace of mind.  —Judy Raymond

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