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About the Book

Enjoying India: The Essential Handbook is the ultimate how-and-why guide for foreigners that fills the gaps left by traditional guidebooks–practical and cultural information no visitor or expat can afford to be without. It will give you the knowledge to navigate this unfamiliar land with ease. Enjoying India offers a wealth of insights into India’s culture and style of functioning, covering many important topics that are either dealt with superficially or omitted altogether by other books. Whether you are in India for business or pleasure, this is the one book you need to experience the best of India.

Acquire the skills, understanding and confidence you need to: * Stay safe and healthy * Communicate successfully  * Understand how yes can mean no * Avoid cultural blunders * Deal with Indian bureaucracy * Accommodate special needs * Bargain effectively * Get a seat on a fully booked train * Use your computer safely  * Cope with Indian plumbing * and much, much more . . .


A strongly recommended read for trying to avoid the pitfalls of culture shock.
With one billion people, there is a whole lot of culture to embrace in India. “Enjoying India: The Essential Handbook” is a guide filled with simple and recommended wisdom as J. D. Viharini walks readers through the best ways to enjoy the cities and culture of the this massive country well. From overcoming language barriers, cultural taboos, safety concerns, and many more, “Enjoying India” is a strongly recommended read for trying to avoid the pitfalls of culture shock. 
          — Midwest Book Review, September 5, 2011
“I would recommend this book to anyone even thinking of traveling to India as a cultural bible of sorts, dealing with every subject with honesty, precision, and an extremely informed point of view. (…) Viharini gives a bold perspective of the ins and outs of India in an anti-Lonely Planet sort of way.”
          —Allison Cohn, Curryland Chronicles (read the full review here)

“Being an Indian myself, I can tell you that this book is an authentic account about India. It is obvious that the author is someone who has lived and traveled in India over a long period of time. India is such a vast country that it is difficult for even Indians to gain such a depth of knowledge about the country as this author has achieved. From the insights that the book oozes, it is evident that the author has travelled the breadth and height of India. I have read a few other accounts about India by westerners and was always disappointed by the superficial nature of those books and observations. 

“However, this book was a surprise. With a very humorous point of view, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I read it in almost one sitting. It is a must for anyone to carry and read if they are visiting India even for a brief time. This book prepares you for the surprises that await here.  The author’s observations are presented without bias and prejudice. It was an open minded thesis that delved deep into the psyche of the Indian phenomenon. This is obviously an effort that should have spanned several years of unrelenting research and observation.  Whatever it is, this certainly is not anything that falls under the genre of books that typically stereotype India. It looks beyond the usual shocking point of view of India as a country of elephants and tigers. This book is about the real contemporary India and about real Indians.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in India. I also commend and thank the author for an unbiased view of my country that I so love.”                                                                                   
           — Satyanarayana Pamarthy (Amazon customer, Chennai, India)
Enjoying India by J. D. Viharini is at once an insightful and practical handbook, covering a wide range of topics without either over­simplifying or getting bogged down in too many exceptions, the rock on which so many India books inevitably founder. Viharini strikes an excellent balance between the big picture—cultural differences, spirituality, doing business—and the details, such as safety and security, food and health, money, bargaining, and shopping. She is a lively writer and a keen observer. I was most impressed at how she was able to be simultaneously fair and respectful towards India without pulling any punches concerning the less savory features of life on the subcontinent. She is not afraid to be frank, which foreign observers often are, and this made me trust her immediately.“

          — Craig Storti, author of Speaking of India: Bridging the Communication Gap When Working with Indians
“An Indian tour guide once said that to really get to know and appreciate India one must live amongst its’ people experiencing how they live their daily lives – walk amongst the crowded streets, shop at the local markets, visit the temples, and completely immerse oneself by living firsthand as an Indian does. Only then will one be able to truly understand and appreciate the people,the country and the culture.“Ms. Viharini’s new book Enjoying India – A Traveler’s Handbook is clearly written by someone who has done just that! Hence it serves as the perfect companion for any foreigner’s sojourn throughout the country. In fact, I would strongly encourage anyone contemplating a trip to India to read it before leaving home and familiarize oneself with all the numerous topics covered then use it as a resource book throughout one’s travels. You will quickly realize how Ms Viharini has very extensively covered everything that you might encounter on your travels e.g., preparation & arrival; cultural differences; numerous ways to get around India; safety & security to cite just a few.

“Of all the hundreds of books on India, I find there is none that is a clearly “how to” book like Ms. Viharini’s. Traveling with a copy of this book on your next trip to India can only enhance your experience. It is so comprehensive that a traveler would be truly lost without it.”

           —K. Sands (Amazon customer)
“This book was terrific preparation for my recent trip to India. This is not a guide book, but a book to prepare you for the cultural difference you’ll experience as an American in India. I read it once before traveling and throughout my entire trip I recognized things I had learned from this book. It definitely helped me to communicate and understand what was going on around me. I was in India for a month, spending most of my time working with locals in Kolkata, but also traveled using trains, buses, and planes to Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, and Mumbai. I have traveled overseas quite a bit, but India is its own beautiful crazy beast. I can’t recommend this book enough and would buy a copy for anyone I know who is going to spend time in India.”
          —CCM (Amazon customer)
“This is my favorite travel book on the market for India. Every page is worth reading, as the author obviously has years of experience traveling in India. If you are planning to go to India, this is the top book on the market. Take it with you — you’ll find that the advice given is like having your own personal guide, telling you things that you may have never thought about. I fully recommend this book!”
          —Thomas Egenes (Amazon customer)
“This is the book to have if you are a first time or seasoned traveller in India or doing business there.“This book was written by someone who has lived for years in India, speaks the language, and has travelled extensively and even done business there. It can give you advice that you won’t get anywhere else. My experience from living and working in India is that Indians are very friendly and polite, but they won’t tell you what is really going on unless you know them quite well. And that takes a long time, so most tourists miss out on a lot that India has to offer.

“The book is clearly by an insider who understands and respects the culture and the people, and tells you from firsthand experience all the practical things you need to know to get around smoothly, safely and enjoyably.

“There are chapters on travel, money matters, food, and medical tips to keep you healthy. There are also very insightful sections on Indian culture and how to gain the most from the personal relationships you have with Indians you meet from all levels of society. The section for women traveling in India is very frank and informative.

“The book also has chapters covering bargaining and business dealings for the many different types of situations you will encounter in India, both a as a tourist and also if you are there for business. My favorite is the section that tells you about a dozen ways to know when an Indian is really telling you “No” even when he seems to be saying “Yes”.

“If you want to find places to eat or stay, get the Lonely Planet guide to India. But if you want to know everything else, get this book. Highly recommended.”

          —D. Birdzell (Amazon customer)



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