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I am a single woman who has lived and traveled alone extensively in India. I was born in California, but have spent more than two-thirds of my life in other states and other countries. Having earned an MS in Vedic Studies in Europe, I came to India in 1980 and loved it immediately, though I had to wait a few years for her next visit.

Traveling seems to be in my blood, because I’ve done a lot of it. I lived and traveled extensively in other parts of the world before landing up in India. Now I have been living in India for several years, and have traveled extensively throughout the country.

Although I have an apartment in a remote village high in the Himalayas that’s my home base, I tend to move around India with the seasons. I’ve spent time in nearly every part of India. Over the years, I’ve traveled around India first class, sardine class, and everything in between. From the Ritz to the pits, so to speak, I’ve stayed and dined in some of the most exclusive places in India and some of the least. I’ve stayed with families and attended their celebrations. I’ve rented apartments and learned how to contend with all that living here entails. I’ve experienced the intense, seething crowds of the Kumbha Mela and the serenity of the sparsely populated, high Himalayas. I’ve gone on pilgrimages and done business. I’ve been sick and learned how to stay well. Through all of that, I’ve made many friends and have come to regard India as home.




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