This is a followup to my previous post on cataracts and Ayurveda. I’m happy to say that after several months of treatment, which mainly consisted of eyedrops, my cataracts are gone!

Others have had similarly encouraging results. A friend reported that after being diagnosed with the early stages of a cataract in both eyes, he did treatments at Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Eye Hospital & Research Centre in Kerala. After he finished the treatments, he had his eyes tested again and the eye doctor said that now he “really wouldn’t call them cataracts”.

He also had a “blister” of fluid behind the retina of his left eye which could have led to a detached retina. Following the treatments at Sreedhareeyam, that had also disappeared and the eye was described as “functionally normal”. The retina had also gotten thicker (which is good.)

So…if you have immature cataracts and want to avoid surgery, Ayurveda is a great option. For mature cataracts, it probably wouldn’t work. In any case, for some people, surgery is clearly the only and best option. But there is always a risk. Don’t believe anyone who tries to convince you there isn’t. Yes, you may know many people who have had excellent results with cataract surgery—I know I do—but that’s no guarantee that you will have the same results. I also know a few people who have problems following cataract surgery—and there is no way to correct them. Just saying.

I wouldn’t be surprised if my cataracts eventually come back again, but now I know what to do so it’s not a problem. And I’m sure it won’t take nearly as long if I start the eyedrops right away. As the eyedrops only cost Rs44 outside of Kerala (I think it’s Rs30 there), and each bottle lasts a couple of months, for around Rs22 a month, the treatment is affordable by anyone. There were also some capsules, which I wasn’t so good about taking, but it seems that the eye drops were the main thing anyway. For followup, they have given me some capsules and different eyedrops that I have to use for a couple of months. Consultation fee was only Rs500.


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