If you are on a long-term visa, you have to register, at least if you will be staying over 180 days. There’s a brand new eFRRO website where you can do your online application submission and document upload.

According to the website, all foreigners needing Visa and Immigration related services in India, including Registration, Visa Extension, Visa Conversion, Exit Permit etc, can now apply online through the e-FRRO website.

There is supposed to be no need to visit an FRRO/FRO in person unless you specifically asked to do so by the FRRO/FRO concerned, in which case they will notify you by email or SMS.

For anyone who has spent countless hours or days waiting around at the FRRO, this will hopefully be a big relief. At least, you won’t have to arm yourself with countless copies of every paper they might possibly want only to have them demand something you didn’t think of, while telling you to come back the next day.




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  1. Queenmama on 21 Feb 2018

    l want to honestly ask a question pls for does students who over stay due medical reason fear incomplete sch fees n have not finish dey exams.and one year due n wants to come n renew will u arrest d student or send d student back to his country for over stay whn she wants to come renew her visa??wht is d student faith if l may ask??

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