The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) has decided to try to crack down on people taking money out of India, and anyone caught doing it will be fined (or maybe jailed, if it’s a lot of money.) Thanks to a new directive from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), from now on every non-resident Indian and foreigner leaving the country will be required to change Indian rupees in their possession into a foreign currency before they board their flight. Whether anyone is supposed to check if you cross by land is not clear.

It seems like a bit of a hopeless task, as so many people take a few hundred or a few thousand rupees out if they are planning to come back anytime soon, but no doubt many others end up with small amounts tucked in their bags somewhere even if they have no intention of returning. They haven’t said how they plan to enforce this. Maybe they will take random or people aside and search them?

NRIs are allowed to carry up to Rs 10,000 beyond the immigration and customs desks, and to the duty-free shopping and security checking areas in the departure hall in international airports to meet miscellaneous expenses┬ásubject to the condition that NRIs “will not be allowed to carry any Indian rupee beyond SHA and that they should dispose of Indian currency before boarding the plane.”

Anyway,┬áthere will now be places to change money after immigration and customs, so it’s easy enough to comply.

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