Crossing back from Kakarbhitta wasn’t quite as smooth as the trip over. The Nepal exit stamp hardly took three minutes, but the guy in charge of the Immigration Office on the India side was out for tea and I had to wait quite a while for him to show up. Then when he got there, he spent several minutes drawing lines in his log book, which he did very slowly and carefully. I was beginning to wonder if he wasn’t hoping for a little baksheesh to speed things up, but it seemed to be just the way he did things. He didn’t look like he belonged there at all, dressed as he was in shorts and a sloppy shirt, in sharp contrast to the smartly dressed police officer stationed outside the office.

On the Nepal side, I had to fill in a short exit form, while the Indian office required another photocopy of my passport and Indian visa.

I missed my reserved ride, so had to take the next one. I took a share jeep back, but wished I could have taken the bus, which was decidedly more comfortable and also cheaper. I didn’t do that simply because the bus was an hour or two later and I didn’t want to wait in case the day got hot. The jeeps put three passengers in the front seat, so I had to buy extra to keep from getting squished. 

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