Photo credit: Belur Ashok (Creative Commons license)

Photo credit: Belur Ashok (Creative Commons license)

Until earlier this year, Indian Rail offered senior citizen discounts regardless of nationality, but now only Indians can get the discounts. Although this took effect in February, I was able to avail of the discount in May, so I’m not sure how that happened. I usually get these announcements in my email, but for some reason, I never received this one so I’m posting it late.

Whenever any passenger is found travelling in the train on the berths booked under the Senior Citizen Quota by declaration of wrong age or nationality, he or she will be treated as travelling without ticket and charged as misusing both Quota and Concession. The railways will charge this offence the same as for ticketless travel.

On a brighter note, IRCTC will now permit other international credit and debit cards issued outside the country for booking of e-tickets through its ticketing site. This has been a problem for many years, so it’s about time that they updated their system.


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