It’s been a real challenge ordering anything from the US. Top quality B12 supplements or probiotics are really hard to find in India. I’ve tried ordering through Amazon, but getting things shipped from the US hasn’t been a good experience. However, I recently found a great company that sells not only the supplements I need, but quite a few other things, including organic food and cosmetics (they list 35,000+ items). And, amazingly, if you buy more than $40 worth of anything, the shipping cost comes down to a reasonable amount.

The prices of the items themselves are also quite reasonable. I found one of the herbal combinations I needed at less than half the price it was being offered elsewhere. And they give you 10% credit back for anything you order to be used for your next order, which offsets some of the shipping cost. Not bad!

The company is iHerb. Here’s the link: Yes, it is an affiliate link, but please know that I only recommend what I have personally found to be really good. My experience with this company has been excellent. You get a discount on the first order, and 10% credit back towards your next order.

I recently ordered some herbs sent to Delhi. I placed the order on Friday and the shipment was there on Monday. I was a bit confused about the KYC documents that are required for Customs, but their online chat support was excellent. You need to upload a scan of your passport, and sometimes other documents, but it’s not a big deal. The order was well-packed and exactly as described. Other orders have been equally successful.

While I certainly don’t recommend getting carried away with ordering stuff from the US due to environmental concerns, I do recommend them if you need something that’s not available in India.

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