coffee-apple-iphone-laptopIt’s a curious thing, but usually when I go into a cafe here in India with WiFi, I often notice that the majority of laptops are Macs, especially among the Westerners. This leads me to conclude that a lot of people who travel to India are the creative sorts who appreciate Apple laptops. .

Are you wondering about bringing your Apple laptop to India? First off, make sure you have Applecare unless the device is too old. Traveling increases the odds of something happening, especially if you go places where the power is exceptionally unstable. A good surge protector should take care of that, but even so, don’t forget the warranty. It’s worth it.

That said, there are many Apple authorized service providers in India. As anywhere, some are better than others, so it’s good to ask around if you need one. And soon, there will be official Apple stores with Genius bars, which will make it even easier to deal with any problems that might arise.

Although not completely immune, Macs are much less vulnerable to viruses and other malware than Windows computers. In any case, don’t leave home without a good anti-virus program. I use Avast Mac Security, which is actually quite good in spite of being free. It is updated really often, like every day. But do get something, no matter where you are traveling.

I would also recommend a good VPN program. Here’s a good article from Macworld about VPNs. A VPN is a virtual private network that is difficult for hackers to access. At least, it will keep all but the most determined hackers out.

Of course, you always have to be concerned about theft when you are traveling, but that’s a given anywhere. Don’t go off and leave an unsecured laptop in a public place ever, for even a few seconds. And don’t leave an unsecured laptop in your room when you go out. Just get in the habit of locking it up, always. You can get one of those cable locks, which will do for many situations, but although they are good deterrents, then can be defeated with the right tools. Be alert to your surroundings, whether you are moving about or just hanging out in a cafe. If someone is taking too much interest in your laptop, be on your guard. When you are riding on public transportation, keep your laptop bag touching you if not in your lap, and away from possible sticky fingers. Don’t ever put it in the overhead rack unless it’s within sight and you chain it on. And don’t put it under the seat, where someone might reach it from behind. Anything from Apple is highly covetable, so you need to take care where you pull it out in public.

Be sure to go to Security & Privacy in System Preferences and turn on the Firewall. For some reason, it seems to be set to off by default, though I can’t think why that would be. And here’s another recommended article on security, also from Macworld, with lots of good advice on keeping your data safe.

And…always keep your backups current. Just do it.

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