Air India has announced that in order to fill unsold seats and spare travellers sky-high last minute fares, they will now match Rajdhani second AC fares on important metro routes on these flights: Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Bengaluru, and Delhi-Kolkata. Domestic traffic between the metros accounts for more than half of all domestic air travel in India. So if you are waitlisted on a Rajdhani to one of those cities and fail to make the cut, you can book a flight to the destination on the same day at the same fare.

Phot credit: Matt Thorpe (Creative Commons license)

Phot credit: Matt Thorpe (Creative Commons license)

The Rajdhani AC II fares between Delhi and Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru and Kolkata are Rs 2,870, Rs 3,905, Rs 4,095 and Rs 2,890, respectively, so that looks to be a really good deal. These special fare tickets, however, can be booked only with four hours of departure of a flight from the Air India booking offices in the city or at the airport, or through the website.

Travellers will need to use code “SPOT” in the Promo Code Box.

Open through September 30 this year for Economy Class on select flights on Air India’s domestic network, the tickets are only for one-way fares.

Flyers will get frequent flier miles. Obviously, the seats will be limited and subject to availability.

An unsold seat on a flight is a dead loss for airlines, so selling them at AC II fares is much smarter than taking off with empty seats.

For anyone who noticed, I’ve been missing in action for a while and I apologise for that. It’s been a tough year, but I hope to resume posting regularly now. And I’m finally getting my Travel Fearlessly in India book for women out. Look for the announcement in the next few days.

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