Monkey Menace

monkey thiefToday, I went up to Shimla for some work, and as I was walking up to the Mall, I saw this monkey grab a man’s bag and run for the trees. He got most of his stuff back, but the monkey made off with a shirt, which he is holding in the photo. Throwing rocks at him only made him retreat farther into the tree. He wouldn’t drop the shirt, even though it wasn’t edible. Probably if the man had walked away as if it didn’t matter, the monkey would have dropped the shirt.

Monkeys are a serious menace in many parts of India. Yes, they are┬ácute, but they are also dangerous. They will steal anything they can grab. If it’s not food they will ransom it for a banana or a cookie or just about anything edible. However, a much greater danger is that they do bite. If you get bitten by a monkey, you have to head for the hospital immediately to get rabies shots. So, don’t try to feed them.

If you are trying to get your camera or glasses back, throw the food to them. Don’t think you can safely let them come right up to you. The brown rhesus monkeys are much more of a menace than the langurs.


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