While I was waiting to get my new power supply for my computer, I took a few excursions. One day, I just hopped on a bus heading up the mountain. Not the one in the photo, though. There was clearly no room for me on that one! But a bit later while I was walking along the road, a much less crowded bus came along and I decided to take it and see where I ended up.


It turned out to be a delightful trip. I got off in the little village of Bahu, which has a fabulous view of the high Himalayas off in the distance.

Most of the village consisted of traditional houses like the ones in the photo. There were a few tea stalls and basic shops and, so I heard, one guest house somewhere. It would be a lovely place to stay. After walking around for a couple of hours, I decided to just start walking down the mountain and get on the bus when it came along…but it never came. I walked for well over an hour with only a single motorcycle passing me in that whole time. Finally a taxi came along, so I flagged it down and was able to make it home before dark.

One thing I must mention about taking spontaneous excursions like this in rural areas is that it really helps to know a bit of the local language. It would have been considerably less easy and comfortable for me if I didn’t speak Hindi.

Bahu, Himachal Pradesh Photo: JD Viharini

Bahu, Himachal Pradesh
Photo: JD Viharini

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