I wish everyone could have such a beautiful place for their games. This playing field was built by the local school, but it’s open to anyone who wants to get up a game unless the school has something going on. In many villages and towns, you’ll find kids playing cricket in the street. And, surprisingly, given this great field, sometimes there is a game on the main road in this village anyway. The equipment in village cricket is often homemade—crudely carved bats, wickets made of cardboard boxes, and any excuse for a ball they can find. It seems that most Indians—especially the guys—do love cricket. If you are going to be in India for a while, you will certainly hear plenty about it.

Although I’ve never quite figured out the logic of the game (being American, I’m more tuned in to the nuances of baseball), I quite liked watching Sachin Tendulkar play because he was so extraordinarily good. Don’t know who he is? He is something of a national hero—many people’s favorite national hero, I’d say. For the most part, though, I prefer to watch the kids play, just because kids are so much fun.
cricket game

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