Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. The following ayurvedic medicines—which are variously prescribed for Delhi Belly, food poisoning, dysentery, amoebiasis, giardia and other intestinal parasites—are just suggestions based on advice from several ayurvedic doctors (vaidyas), including Dr. Raju They are traditional formulas that are said to be highly effective. Except for the New Diarex, which I haven’t tried yet, I have used these herbs and found them to be quite effective.

Although I know of no side effects or contraindications and haven’t experienced any problems at all and haven’t been able to find any reference to any side effects online, that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be some. In any case, do consult a vaidya before taking any of them to be sure to get what is appropriate for exactly what ails you as there are undoubtedly differences in their effects. All are available without a prescription, but it’s best to get one, especially if you happen to be pregnant. Ask your vaidya how and when to take them. Consultations with vaidyas and these medicines themselves are far less expensive than going the allopathic route. Some of these remedies have many other uses, as well. For instance, bilwadi gulika is also good for snake bites, scorpion stings and rat bites. 

Kutaja (Wrightia arborea) Photo: Dinesh Valke (Creative Commons)

Kutaja (Wrightia arborea) Photo: Dinesh Valke (Creative Commons)

So here’s my list: bilwadi gulika, kutaj ghan vati (available from Divya), and Ambimap. The latter is a proprietary medicine from Maharishi Ayurveda, but the others are generic names. I’ve found all of them to be remarkably effective. I generally take the bilwadi gulika and kutaja ghan vati together. Himalaya Herbals also makes a formula called New Diarex, which has both bilva (bael) and kutaja. There are many more possibilities, but these are well-established as being effective. 

Some of these aren’t available in every ayurvedic pharmacy. Sometimes you really have to look around to find them. They all are tablets, which is convenient for traveling. I believe the first two come in liquid versions as well. They might possibly be even more effective, but are such a nuisance to travel with. maharishi-ayurveda-ambimap

Incidentally, I’m one who tends to get side effects from allopathic (Western) medicines that are often far worse than what I’m taking them for, so I avoid them. I’ve actually landed in the hospital three times for various drug reactions, so for me, allopathic medicine is generally not worth the risk. The big pharma companies would like everyone to believe that natural medicine doesn’t work, but that’s simply false. Nothing is 100% for everyone, but there are so many natural herbal remedies that are really effective, including, I dare say, the tablets mentioned above. If there are any side effects, they are bound to be far fewer and much milder than their allopathic counterparts. Here is a useful link with more info. 

What have you found to be most effective? I’d love to know your experiences with these and any other natural medicines.

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