Akshaya Tritiya is a particularly auspicious day in the Vedic calendar. Sometimes called “the day of lasting achievements”, akshaya means that which never diminishes. It’s the third day, or tritiya, of the bright fortnight when the moon is waxing in the month of Vaisakh, the first month in the Vedic calendar. 

Any activity that commences on this day is considered to be extremely auspicious. It’s particularly auspicious for weddings and starting new business ventures. There are a huge number of weddings being celebrated all over India today. One exceptionally noisy procession just passed my house a little while ago.

It is believed that any charity and sacred deeds done on this day brings undiminished results, so it’s an ideal day to give donations to any worthy cause or help to people who need it. Charity is one of the most important aspects of Akshaya Tritiya and it’s believed that specific items donated on this day like land, gold, umbrellas, hand fans, cool refreshing drinks, and activities like feeding the poor and feeding cows, brings great blessings.

So what did I do today? I decided it was the perfect time to start a new monthly donation to my favorite cause.





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