This is not my favorite kind of news. In fact, I find it extremely scary. However, it’s something we all need to be aware of.

An article in today’s Times of India, one of India’s most popular daily newspapers, reports that the Indian government has quietly embarked on “a project that gives it access to everything that happens over India’s telecommunications network—online activities, phone calls, text messages and even social media conversations.” All in the interest of national security, of course. Just like the US. I wonder if there might be a connection? Further speculation will be prudently avoided as I wish to stay in India.

Whenever you go to an Internet cafe in India, be sure to take your passport. The government requires some ID proof. They photocopy it and then give it back to you. Make sure you get it right back. If they are slow to return it and you space out and leave without it, you’ll have to come all the way back to pick it up. Oh, I’ve never done that . . . certainly not!





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