I needed a haircut and instead of going to a salon that offers a Rs99 deal on a simple haircut (it’s a good salon, actually, but most people want the extras), I decided to opt for a special I noticed at a luxury spa in Delhi. So for around Rs1,100, I got a haircut, along with a head massage and a facial in a really posh environment. That’s an interesting thing about India — luxury can be outrageously expensive or incredibly cheap. It really goes both ways.

This was at the Vedic Mantra Spa in Delhi, and I have to say it was delightful. They did give me a good haircut, though it wasn’t really what I was trying for. I think I might stick to my usual salon for the haircut in the future. That is only Rs99 for a simple haircut without any extras, but most people probably go for the extras services. It’s a surprisingly good salon, especially at that price, but it’s quite small and out of the way for most people.

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  1. mathan on 11 Jun 2013

    This is very much interesting. cost also low. Thanks for sharing this useful information.
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