As far as street food goes, I have to say that this is certainly some of the riskiest I’ve ever seen. This guy is selling ice cream. It’s a warm day and there’s obviously no refrigeration. He’s just parked along the river bank with his packet of ice cream and some leaves that serve as plates.

At first, I thought it must be something else, but when I asked, I was told that it really was ice cream. No kidding. I’ve put a closeup of the ice cream below. It’s wrapped in burlap that has a plastic bag with ice to keep the ice cream from melting. Well, whatever works!

In case you don’t know, ice cream is highly susceptible to organisms that can cause some really unpleasant illnesses—and not just Delhi Belly. Amoebas love the stuff. When you buy ice cream, always make sure it’s clean and hasn’t melted and been refrozen.


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