The Delhi Metro Airport Line is open and apparently running pretty efficiently. There is, unfortunately, a rigidly-enforced rule that you can’t check-in less than 2.5 hours prior to your flight, even though you don’t have to check in so early at the airport. I was eager to try the new line and headed over there to catch an early morning flight, but I was just minutes too late, so I had to take a taxi to the airport to check in. I still had plenty of time to browse the bookstore and have a leisurely breakfast after I checked in.

The Airport Line only takes 18 minutes from New Delhi Railway Station to the airport, but you’ll end up sitting around once you get there. I think I’d rather go directly to the airport. On the other hand, coming from the airport, it could be much more convenient, especially during peak traffic hours. I’m not sure how often the trains run, but you might also end up sitting around at the station waiting for one. At least the airport is a bit more interesting.

Getting from the other Delhi Metro lines to the Airport Line is, as I mentioned before, strangely inconvenient. There does not seem to be any elevator or escalator or even a ramp connecting the two stations. Instead, there are stairs, which is really absurd. It would have been so easy to at least make ramps everywhere.


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