Sure, it’s a bit early, but I have to go to the US for a few weeks before heading up to Ladakh, so I’m already in the process of packing up clothes, books, etc. for the summer. Since there is normally a very heavy monsoon here, and the dampness is prone to spoiling everything (as it did with many of the things I put in storage last summer), I’m going all out in my preparations. Maybe I’m overdoing it a bit, but considering how much stuff perished in the last monsoon, it seems worth the effort.

Last summer, I put my things in a room in a new house. Should have been OK, yes? Well, no. The roof leaked. This time, I found a room in an older house that has supposedly never had leakage. Just in case, I got a bunch of bricks and spaced them out where I want to put some boxes and cloth bags. Then I went and bought some wire fencing to put over the bricks and I’ve put everything on those. That way, the air can circulate underneath and even if there is some dampness, it shouldn’t spoil anything.

Just to be sure that there is no dampness already in any of the boxes, etc., I’m putting little bags of silica gel in each one. It’s been damp and rainy, so this is a must.

To keep moths and other insects out, I put dry neem leaves in with the clothes. Works like a charm.

Better ideas, anyone? What has worked for you?

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