Dr. J. R. Raju is another extraordinary vaidya, and he is the one that I trust to keep me healthy, which he does magnificently. He’s also the one I go to when I’m sick, and he always manages to make me well again.

RajuJi, as he is known to most people, has a clinic in Delhi. The facility may leave you underwhelmed, but once you have met RajuJi, you won’t mind. He’s a total delight. And he is another of the world’s top experts in the Ayurvedic science of pulse diagnosis, though he can also usually tell what’s wrong just by looking at you. Before I knew him personally, I once walked up to him just to ask him some question (my health had been declining for some time, though I didn’t realize how serious it was), and as soon as he saw me he immediately told me that I should come for a consultation as he could see some terrible disease coming on. Consultation taken. Herbs taken. Disease averted. Felt fabulous afterwards.

Now, many people are skeptical about pulse diagnosis—until they have had their pulse taken by a master like RajuJi. I won’t claim that he is 100% accurate. No one is; but I feel he’s as close as anyone can be. The reason no one is 100% is mostly due to the karma of the patient, though it must also be due in part to his own. (I’m assuming that readers have some understanding of the philosophy of karma. If you don’t, click here to read more about it.) When the karma is up, the medicine works. Before that, nothing works and even a diagnosis may not be possible.

RajuJi comes from a long line of vaidyas. Like all the great families of vaidyas, his family has a few special remedies that are unavailable elsewhere, and they are really amazing.

Perhaps the most dramatic thing I’ve seen personally was when a man from England, formerly a world-class athlete, came in with multiple sclerosis. When he arrived, he could barely hobble a short distance with the aid of two canes. He’d had the disease for years and was seriously debilitated, though he’s made a little progress with some other natural therapies. After a week of herbs and panchakarma treatment (and the treatments there are really excellent), he was not only walking without his canes, but he was able to go for a run for the first time in five years.

Another patient I met was a young man who had been addicted to heroin for several years, and was also an alcoholic. His family brought him to RajuJi in desperation. The treatment consisted of a single dose of a special preparation once a day for a week. Rahul (name changed) told me that after the very first dose his craving for the drugs went away, and he could even hold the heroin in his hand and not want it. He took the whole course and was cured of his addiction. I last heard of him a few years after that and he was still drug-free.

RajuJi also has remedies for removing gallstones without surgery and all sorts of other things. I’ve been watching the progress of a couple of autistic children that he’s been treating for several years and it has been very impressive. One of the boys, who I remember was a total basket case when he arrived, now runs up to everyone who comes in and gives them a hug. I don’t think you can call him autistic anymore.

Side effects of Ayurvedic medicines are rare, and usually quite mild when they do occur, especially when taken according to the instructions of a competent vaidya. The worst thing I ever got was a little rash or a little queasiness. On the other hand, I’ve almost died twice and been hospitalized a couple of other times (once for 10 days) from allopathic medicines. That’s not counting some less severe side effects I’ve experienced. And considering that for almost my whole life I’ve only taken drugs when absolutely necessary, which hasn’t been so often, that’s a pretty bad track record, wouldn’t you say?

Now you understand why I am a big fan of Ayurveda, don’t you? Just be aware that there are a lot of Ayurvedic clinics that have little to offer other than a pleasant massage. Before choosing a vaidya or clinic, ask around for one that suits your needs.

If you want to see Dr. Raju, call (011) 2747 9501/2/3 to find out when he will be available. He’s out of town a lot. He often goes to Hyderabad, where his brother, also an excellent vaidya, has another clinic. Go early and allow plenty of time as he usually has a long line of patients waiting to see him. Bring something to do if you haven’t acquired the typical Indian’s ability to do nothing while waiting for hours on end.

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  1. Jai kotiyal on 28 Sep 2017

    I m a patient of ckd stage 3, myloproliferative disorder and inflammatory bowl disease. Wish to be treated by Dr Rajju.Regards

  2. Kiran on 13 Jul 2017


    My father is suffering from liver chirrosis . can ur treatment cure that

    • JD Viharini on 13 Jul 2017

      Based on results I have seen from various treatments, I would say there’s a good chance he can help, but there are many factors to consider and I am not even a vaidya, nor am I at the clinic. Please contact Dr Raju at 040 6559 5000.

  3. Ray Amstsrdam on 30 Dec 2016

    In 2004, I list al out all vision in my left eye. Ophthalmic consultants in England said if was not possible to get my sight back. After visiting Dr Raju, my sight HUGELY improved. I have carefully documented my recovery at:

    In 2014, my eyes became very bad again, and allopathic intervention using Lucent eye injections, failed to manage the issue. I was told once more that my vision could not be restored. After visiting Dr Raju for 3 weeks of treatment in January 2015, I had a very very stamtaal recovery.

    • JD Viharini on 30 Dec 2016

      Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I’m so glad that you documented it as you did. Ayurvedic medicine can often treat problems that allopathy can’t help with so much.

  4. Sheshank on 13 Feb 2014

    I guess his father resides in Hyderabad. If its right, then I got a check up from his Dad. I had a severe urine-blood issue, don’t know why. He asked me to get a sample of urine while I come, and within minutes, he did it, caught my pulse and suggested medicines. Everything solved in Minutes.

    More about it, my father had severe Piles problem in his anus. Doctor suggested a definite operation, and my Dad didn’t want it. Ayurvedic Doctor just checked his pulse, and suggested medicines, and the piles just dropped off, just like a miracle.

    However, you need to be very strict about diet when taking Ayurvedic medicines as they make serious contributions. My father was avoided a lot of food. I was given a printed list of Vegetables to avoid.

  5. uggs bailey button on 26 Jul 2013

    thank you for share!

  6. Afsaneh Ghadimi on 20 Apr 2013

    thanks for your comments, I was at his clinic last september and I was just recovering from an operation from breast cancer and after seeing Dr. Raju and having gone through with his treatments I am really feeling much better both morally and physically. I am planning to visit his clinic again this year to help me keep up my good health.

  7. Camilla Tierney on 26 Feb 2013

    Hello does Dr Raju have a website? I need to go and see him as i have done PK before and had bad doctors who don’t really know what they are doing and are more for tourists. Is there an email address i can contact him on as i would love to go see him for treatment this year. Thank you

  8. Apoorva Srivatava on 21 Feb 2013

    Yes, Dr.Raju is a great person . you can contact for Dr.Raju through e-mail Id mahp@vsnl.net

  9. Lorien on 09 Jan 2013

    Hello, My family and I have heard about his clinic and are planning to visit this year. I am trying to find a email contact or way of getting in touch with him. Are you able to pass those details on perhaps? Thankyou so much, 🙂 Lorien

    • JD Viharini on 09 Jan 2013

      You can call (011) 2747-1118 or email drraju@gmx.net. I hope you enjoy your treatment!

  10. Mariam on 07 Jun 2012

    He is a great healer
    dr raju is one of the best and amazing doctor
    I respect him and would like to thank him for giving solutions and advise to mom who is diagnoses of breast cancer , he gave her so much support.
    i Hope his products will cure her .

    • JD Viharini on 23 Jul 2012

      Thanks for your comment. All best wishes for your Mom’s complete recovery.

  11. mani goswami on 04 Apr 2012

    indeed he is par excellence…

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