Ayurveda is India’s premier indigenous system of medicine, which has stood the test of time. Thousands of years, not decades. Tibetan medicine has a lot in common with Ayurveda, and probably shares the same origins, but Ayurveda is more well-known, and it’s said to be more complete.

My first experience with Ayurveda came in 1980, when I was really sick from the air pollution in Delhi. Although I didn’t have TB, I sounded like an advanced tuberculosis patient when I breathed, and I was going downhill fast. Then a friend gave me a jar of Chyavan Prash (Maharishi Ayurveda brand, in case you are interested) to try, and within three days I was completely cured.

Shortly after that, I had a consultation with Dr. Brihaspati Dev Triguna. TrigunaJi, as he is known, is one of the greatest living vaidyas, or Ayurvedic doctors. His diagnostic abilities are legendary. He knows virtually everything about one’s physiology just by touching a person’s pulse for a few seconds. In my case, it was over in seconds, but he absolutely nailed everything that was wrong with me at the time. TrigunaJi is retired now and has completely turned his practice over to his son.

On another occasion, I was recovering slowly from a very serious case of food poisoning when my friends insisted on taking me to one of Delhi’s best Italian restaurants. I hadn’t been eating much, but the idea appealed, so I went along. I was still sick when I walked in, but completely cured by the end of the meal. I asked one of the vaidyas how that could be, and he told me about the principle of okasatmya, which means eating the food that your mother fed you as a child. In other words, your comfort foods can have a powerful effect in restoring balance to the physiology. I love that one!

There’s a lot more to say about Ayurveda, so I’ll continue with this topic in the next post. And I’ll tell you about another great vaidya, who isn’t retired, so you can actually go and see him.

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  1. NAVNEET MATHUR on 28 Sep 2015

    Is Son of dr j r raju diagnosis same as his father

    • JD Viharini on 28 Sep 2015

      The same? I can’t say for sure, but I do know that his children are all really good and have pretty much the same training. His whole family is really good, actually. Mostly they live in Hyderabad.

  2. NAVNEET MATHUR on 26 Sep 2015

    I listen about Vaidya Madan Gulati from Chandigarh….he is also diagnosis by pulse and very experience Vaidya….do u know him and if u know him how his treatment and diagnos

    • JD Viharini on 28 Sep 2015

      I don’t know Vaidya Madan Gulati so I can’t say.

  3. NAVNEET MATHUR on 13 Sep 2015

    I think vaidya b d Triguna and his son are same in pulse diagnosis……if any one know about this please tell me

    • JD Viharini on 14 Sep 2015

      Unfortunately, Vaidya B D Triguna is no longer with us, but yes, his pulse diagnosis was essentially the same as what Dr. Raju and his family (most of whom are also vaidyas) do. And Dr. TrigunaJi’s son continues his father’s work.

      • NAVNEET MATHUR on 14 Sep 2015

        vaidya B D Triguna son shri Devendra Triguna is same as in pulse diagnosis…..or vaidya raju is best compare to Shri Devendra Triguna.

        Please Tell me

        I am suffering My health problem sine 7 months

        Please help me

        • JD Viharini on 16 Sep 2015

          Dr Raju is really good at pulse diagnosis and highly recommended. Dr. Trigunaji is no more. Only his son is there. I don’t really know how his skill compares to his father’s, but I am sure he is a very competent vaidya.

  4. ALOK AGARWAL on 04 Feb 2013

    Who is the other vaid as competent as Dr B D Triguna?
    Is he in India?
    Need to contact a propoer vaid.
    Help me please.

    • JD Viharini on 11 Feb 2013

      Dr. J. R. Raju is also a great vaidya. You can contact him at 011 27471118.

      • mahesh on 13 Jun 2013

        Is dr J.R. Raju from india is there any address mail to contact him

        • JD Viharini on 13 Jun 2013

          Yes, he is from India, though he may be out of the country for a few weeks. You can email him at drrajupk@gmail.com

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