Yesterday, I visited one of the local amchis, or traditional doctors. Ladakhi medicine is essentially the same as Tibetan medicine. It is said to be a very good system of medicine, though I prefer Ayurveda. Most of their medicines come in little balls that you have to crush and take with water. As with Ayurveda, you usually need to keep on with the treatments or medicines regularly for quite some time for them to be really effective.

Since I was seeking help for a knee problem, she also used a technique known as ‘cupping’. Traditionally, they wet the skin with water, then putting some paper or bark in a cup, they set it on fire and quickly turn it over onto the problem area. This pulls out the impurities or whatever. This she sprang on me without any warning or explanation of what she was about to do, so, since I really didn’t like it very much, she used a device that creates a vacuum in a little bell jar and pulls the skin up. That was OK, though next time I think I’ll try the traditional method. Dr. Tsering used it on my friend who had a severe backache with great success. It only took a few sessions to put her back in action.

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